Medical Phantoms and Hospital Training Dolls

The line of CLA products includes a comprehensive range of both medical phantoms and hospital training dolls for use in real world training of physicians, nurses, paramedics and other health professionals on a wide variety of procedures. Endoscopy, bronchoscopy, urology, intubation, arthroscopy and pelviscopy, among them.

Products range in presentation from life size adult to premature birth and baby practice dolls to organs specific to defined procedures such as injection, wound treatment, catheterization and airway treatment using respiratory mask and bag, among others.

Backed by Somso’s worldwide reputation for exceptional quality and precise presentation, the CLA collection of medical phantoms and hospital and nursing training dolls offers a solution to meet almost any education and training situation.

Medical Phantoms and Hospital Training
Dolls for Optimal Training of Health Care


All medical phantoms go through complicated stages of development to strict scientific and practice-oriented standards set by experienced and internationally established practitioners. Many years of intensive work and rigorous tests are carried out in the development of CLA medical practice phantoms before they reach series production. Close cooperation with practicing scientists ensures a high standard of expertise and resultant realistic conditions for training.

Only highly skilled specialists make these medical phantoms and hospital training dolls in one-off, hand crafted production. The progress of the model through to final assembly ensures both the characteristic factory finish and highest quality in function and form. A large number of individual parts, materials and mechanical elements are integrated at each stage to create a model which meets the high standards set by the medical training profession.     

Medical Phantoms

CLA ® Medical Phantoms provide a realistic training experience for a wide range of procedures. Manufactured in one-off handmade production by highly trained specialists, these Medical Phantoms offer the highest quality and most versatility.

Anatomical Models

A must for serious academic study, Somso has been the world’s premier producer of anatomical models since 1876, and represents a logical educational companion to CLA Medical Phantoms and Hospital Training Dolls, when extended specific anatomical study is indicated. 

Hospital Training Dolls

CLA Hospital Training Dolls are full size manikins for nursing school training and instruction of other medical staff, providing a solution for almost all training needs.

Biomedical Models has been proud to bring Somso and CLA products to North America since 1983. Please contact us for assistance with model selection or proposals on your models of interest. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know. We’re happy to help.

Anatomical Heart Model