At Biomedical Models, we have been providing quality anatomical models for over 35 years. We are a family owned business and take pride in offering only the best anatomical, botanical and zoological models for our customers.

Two Manufacturers from Which to Choose

We offer models manufactured by both Somso and Erler-Zimmer. These are two highly respected and sought-after German brands that are known for high quality, durability and attention to detail.

Somso, a family owned company in its 5th generation, has been in business since 1876. Each of the muscle model products and other anatomical, botanical or zoological models manufactured by Somso, is hand painted with painstaking detail by German artisans who have perfected their skilled craft over a lifetime.

Our Erler-Zimmer line of models is much newer to our business. We added both standard and 3D printed anatomical offerings in 2017, a great addition to our company to complement our other products. Erler-Zimmer, also located in Germany and family owned, was founded in 1950. More recently, Erler-Zimmer developed and perfected cutting-edge technology, in collaboration with Monash University, for the production of 3D printed anatomical models.

World Class Customer Service

From our website, our customers can access the Somso and Erler-Zimmer catalogs to view and read about models produced by both manufacturers. There you will see a top selection of muscle model designs, among many other model products. Our company specializes in serving the needs of colleges, universities and other professional schools, hospitals and healthcare professionals. Biomedical Models provides the attention and world class customer service that you deserve.

We are here to provide assistance and welcome your inquiry. Our staff can answer questions about any of the muscle model options we offer, including information on pricing and shipping. In-stock models can be shipped within 48 hours on business days. Expedited shipping can be arranged as needed.

With a high quality product, safe and efficient shipping, and customer support to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, Biomedical Models takes the guesswork out of purchasing a model online. To find out more, or to answer questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-635-4801 inside the U.S. or 715-386-1293 outside the U.S.

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