“I have done business with Biomedical Models over the past nine years, while working at two different institutions. Our orders have ranged from only a few SOMSO models to dozens of models. In each case, Biomedical Models provided the best price we could find for SOMSO. Communications were always clear so that there were no surprises. Pricing and delivery were as promised in every case. More importantly, integrity at Biomedical Models is impeccable.”E.B., Ph.D., Associate Medical School Dean


“I have been using Biomedical Models exclusively for Anatomy models for the last 7 years. Their selection, pricing and customer service are second to none, which I quickly learned. After starting my job, I shopped around and found that not only did Biomedical Models beat everyone in pricing, they were the only company who valued customer service. Quote requests are returned quickly, and my multiple special requests (replacements for broken parts) have been met with courteous, professional and cost effective solutions. Models ordered are delivered within the time frame and are exactly as pictured. Working with Biomedical Models is the easiest part of my job, and I have to give special thanks to Bill for his kind, courteous and efficient customer support. Thank you for making me look good and for being so easy to work with.”W.L., Biology Lab Manager
“Biomedical Models LCC is an essential partner in equipping our Human Anatomy and Physiology laboratories. The quality of their product, coupled with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, ensures that Biomedical Models LCC will continue to be our go to source for anatomical models.”M.L., Ph.D., Professor of Biology
“My experience with Biomedical Models has been uniformly outstanding. They provide excellent communication and customer service at each stage of the process from ordering to shipment and follow-up. The relationships they cultivate with their customers, and with the manufacturer, make them the best choice for purchasing these complex and high-quality products.”P.J., M.D., Physician & Educator
“Biomedical Models is our sole source for the best anatomical models due to the company’s willingness to satisfy every order in a timely and professional manner. I feel very fortunate to have such a great relationship with this fantastic company.”A.E., Instructor/Lab Coordinator
“Our university has been conducting business with Biomedical Models, LLC for well over a decade. During this time, our faculty, staff, and students have fostered a very close-knit and esteemed relationship with both the company and its owner, Bill. One of the foremost reasons for this is the exemplary care, dedication, and customer service we receive with our annual anatomical model orders. These orders are custom-built overseas, and Bill ensures everything goes smoothly. He also keeps us apprised of every crucial step of the process.

As a result, without missing a beat, our annual incoming podiatry students are properly outfitted to start their first year of school!”S.H., M.S., Medical School Purchasing Manager

“I have ordered Somso models from Biomedical Models for over 6 years. In my opinion, there are no other models comparable to the quality that Somso provides. Biomedical Models is professional, and easy to work with and always there to help us obtain these high quality models for our students. What I appreciate most is their prompt response to quote requests, great communication and competitive prices. I highly recommend contacting them for a quote.”E.D., Lab Coordinator
“Biomedical Models is simply the best! They are by far the most knowledgeable source in the field for Somso anatomical models. They respond quickly to inquiries and their prices are always better than any other retailer. Once, they even helped me replace a missing part of a skull that I didn’t even know was possible. I highly recommend contacting Bill at Biomedical Models if you’re in the market for a Somso model.”J.M., Craniosacral Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Anatomical Heart Model

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