Why Erler-Zimmer?

In 2017, after careful consideration and analysis, Biomedical Models welcomed the Erler-Zimmer line of models to its offerings. A German manufacturer of anatomical models, Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1950 by Johannes Erler and Walter Zimmer. This family-owned enterprise has, in addition to producing high quality standard models, also emerged as a world-wide leader in the production of 3D printed models, which Biomedical Models is proud to offer.

Erler-Zimmer 3D Printed Models

With advancements in technology, Erler-Zimmer has, in collaboration with Monash University, initiated the manufacture of a wide variety of natural sized 3D printed models. Made with synthetic materials and with stunning depiction, these durable models accurately show the thousands of intricacies found in human anatomy with great detail and precision, and capture realistic detail of a dissected specimen in ways that traditional molding and casting techniques cannot. There are currently 55 3D printed models produced by Erler-Zimmer, all of which are available from Biomedical Models. 3D printed models represent the next step in medical education, and are quickly becoming a necessity for serious academic study. 

Erler-Zimmer Standard Models

Biomedical Models offers selected Erler-Zimmer standard models, representing the most frequently requested products. Made of a resistant, synthetic material showing highly detailed anatomical structures, these models are the ideal cost-effective solution for a variety of academic applications. 

Whether 3D printed or traditionally manufactured, Erler-Zimmer products offer our customers a wide selection of anatomical models, made to exacting presentation and accuracy, while also meeting budgetary and instructional needs. 

Biomedical Models is dedicated to bringing these special products to North America and other parts of the world.  We would like to discuss your specific model needs and/or requirements and look forward to hearing from you.

4708 Osteopathic Skull Model, 22 part, Didactical Version

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