Why Somso?

Marcus Sommer founded Somso Modelle, currently in its 5th generation, in 1876. To this day, the Sommer family remains dedicated to providing the finest and most scientifically accurate models in the world.  Somso models are not mass produced; rather, they are made predominantly by hand exclusively in Germany. For educational use, these made-to-order models are, without a doubt, the highest quality models available, made with the utmost care. You have to see and hold a Somso product to truly appreciate its authenticity.

After a lengthy apprenticeship, German artisans employed by Somso spend a lifetime mastering their special skill and technique, as evidenced by accurate colors, precision of detail and a realistic feel of each model. Intricacies found in skull fissures or colors depicted in internal organs, for example, are details that have been fine-tuned under the oversight of notable leaders in the medical field. It becomes clear in the resulting products that the work of these artisans is not only a livelihood, but a labor of love. Many of them are in fact employed by Somso for life, which only magnifies the family feel and commitment to the Somso enterprise.


Somso prides itself in being at the top of the market in comparison with its competitors. In addition to a superior product, Somso’s commitment to you includes the option of corrective maintenance on any model.

Biomedical Models is dedicated to bringing these special products to North America and other parts of the world.  We are available to discuss your specific model needs and look forward to hearing from you.

Anatomical Heart Model

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